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My mom seems to think she has the end all be all authority over me.

She doesn't seem to realise she's not my central parental figure. That I haven't had one since I was eleven. That she lost all control over me almost exactly five years ago.

She thinks she can regain that control by telling her parents I cant live with them anymore? Fucking delusional.

I have money. I own a car. I have four alternative places I could go.

What exactly does she think will make me listen to her? Obey her?

Is it respect? Fuck no, that shriveled and died years ago.

What about health care? She sure is holding it over my head, that's for fucking sure. It wont stop me though, never did in the first place.

What could she even do to stop me from leaving. Call the cops? Like fucking hell. My family hates cops, literally no trust in them whatsoever. Even if she did call the cops, I'd just keep leaving.

I dont know why she's even pulling this crap. It's pretty fucking usless. I'm going to legally be an adult in less than a year. I have literally no finacial dependence on her.

I'm only relavant when she can claim me on her taxes really.

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