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mm, im gonna go riffle through my docs

see if theres any writing i can post

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No, water is not alive. First of all, water is just hydrogen and oxygen, which is not very complex, and it has no cells. It has no DNA to speak of and its movement is caused by outside sources like the moon. The only energy it can have is temporal, kinetic, and potential, and the water does not actively seek them out. Water can change its appearance by turning into ice, but this is because it has no choice but to do so, just as we can't help getting hypothermia in cold weather. It can not maintain an internal environment, it can not respond to stimuli, it can not reproduce, and it can not evolve or adapt. So, no, Water can not be and is not alive.

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lmao, i found a thing where im ranting about water not being alive hold on a sec

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